In the course of photo shooting of buildings it is important to display exact ratios. It means the precise reflection of straight lines: parallels, verticals in order to look exactly the way their designer conceived and planned them. Selecting the appropriate time of the day is very important, because the use of the ideal lights and shadows allows the photographer to produce the most natural, most spectacular result.


I do not only consider important to show the building as a unit in my photos, but the way it fits into its surroundings and how they relate to each other.


Architecture is also a way of expressing oneself, like painting, sculpture or poetry. Besides being a form of art, its role in shaping society is also unquestionable. In the beginning buildings protected us against outer natural effects, their role used to be mainly functional. Later their design has become equally important. These days they have to comply with an even more important principle which is sustainability. The protection and conservation of our current environment should be first priority which concerns architecture too. The way the structures of our towns are shaped is the foundation for our future. It is much easier for architects to encounter each other’s works via photos, they can be inspired by them, learn from each other thus being able to contribute to the creation of more liveable cities within a more sustainable world.